What Do Ironworkers Do?

Perform the rigorous manual labor required by the trade. Erect the steel structure of bridges, buildings and other projects. This work is performed in rigorous conditions, often at great heights, in all kinds of weather.

The aluminum fascia on high rise window walls is also erected by ironworkers. The majority of work done by ironworkers is performed outside.  Reinforcing steel requires strength to repeatedly lift 80 – 100 lbs. and carry it at a fast pace across the job site as well as endurance to be able to stay bent over tying wire around the steel for extended periods of time.  The majority of structural steel work is performed at great heights; agility and the ability to work comfortably off the ground are a must.  Ironworkers are required to complete all duties quickly and safely.
The jurisdiction for Ironworkers Local 29 is all of Oregon, 5 ½ counties in SW Washington.  Ironworkers often travel to job sites out of town or where no public transportation is available. A valid driver’s license and good, reliable transportation are necessary items.